Drugs in the United States

Drugs, or at least illegal drugs, in the United States has been a problem for many decades despite in the last couple at least the Government has been fighting what they call a war on drugs. Although many of the illegal drugs are imported illegally across the borders, Methamphetamine is often produced in the U.S. Introduced in the 50s as a miracle drug in fighting weight loss Methamphetamine became very popular with those that were seeking to lose weight however, it was later found that although it could help with weight loss, it had more harmful effects and was actually more dangerous to health than having a few extra pounds in weight was, plus it was very addictive.

This led to Methamphetamine becoming made illegal but it did not unfortunately led to it becoming less popular, in fact over the years it has probably grown in popularity and not because it can help with weight loss but because of the fact that it made the taker feel good, despite it would do them harm and be addictive.

One of the reasons it was able to become as popular as it has is because it is easy to make and therefore readily available on the black market. As with many other drugs, once you have started taking Methamphetamine it is hard to stop and so often someone will need to go to a rehab center in order to rid themselves of the habit.

Some of the side effects of taking Methamphetamine are insomnia, irritability, aggressiveness, apathy, skin problems and in some cases even death and so anyone that decides to try and kick their habit would want to do so as quickly as possible. This obviously then begs the question: How Long Does Meth Stays In Your System? The answer to that question will depend on several factors such as how much of the drug the person has been taking, for how long they have been taking it and how frequently they have been taking it.

If someone has been using the drug for a fairly short period and in moderate amounts, as well as the side effects listed above, they may also suffer from enlarged blood vessels and damage to their kidneys and liver. A long term user on the other hand will possibly have much more damage to their liver as well as having developed some serious blood and heart problems.

One of the problems with taking this drug is that it builds up tolerance which means a user requires taking an ever increasing amount in order to feel any effects and of course the more they take the more damage they cause themselves. Although the use ofMethamphetamine can be tested by saliva, urine or hair samples, it is a saliva sample often used by police authorities as that can determine if someone is still taking whilst the other two methods can be used to determine if someone has taken it during the past 3 months.

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