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To be certified as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) it takes 75 hours of official training. Although most states may have government or even hospital sponsorship for these courses, many also have free cna classes options available as well. Obviously these choices are available because CNAs are in high demand especially considering that many of those already qualified CNAs, use their training and experience they gather, to advance to become full nurses, availing themselves of the opportunity to have a more high paying and prestigious career.

A CNA will of course, as its name implies, assist nurses in their daily routines and although those may include less attractive tasks like cleaning up after some patients, a CNA does get paid more than an orderly that will also assist in these tasks plus, a CNAs duties are not restricted to those less glamorous tasks, they will also be afforded the opportunity to get more hands on care with the patients, all be under the supervision of a nurse or perhaps a doctor. This invaluable experience though, places a CNA in an excellent position to take an online course to qualify as a nurse, which of course many do.

The medical facilities around the country all require nurses and so they also require CNAs and those facilities are not of course restricted to hospitals alone, there are also nursing homes, clinics and home care programs that need them, therefore with all these requirements, of an ever increasing number, a CNA is perhaps one of the most secure jobs available and one that offers the opportunity for employment anywhere in the country as, everybody needs health care regardless of where they live and regardless of how the employment situation is like in that part of the country.

As with just about any other training course, training for this certification consists of a number of hours in a classroom but again, like most other courses does, for the more later hours, require an element of hands on training and so most courses will usually include sessions on laboratories or even hospitals, ensuring that once certified, a CNA is well prepared for any position that they may find and, as the certification is recognised countrywide, that position can be anywhere in the country. In fact, apart from there always seeming to be vacancies for CNAs, one of the main reasons why people choose to become one, is because it affords them the opportunity to work anywhere in the country.

This is particularly useful for those whose spouses are required to frequently move due to their careers, when this happens; a CAN is free to move with them, quickly being able to find another position in a facility close to where their spouse has had to relocate to.
To many, CNA training represents one of the easiest stepping stones into a career in the medical industry and as that is perhaps one of the most secure in regards to job security, it us one that many are considering in these times of uncertainty.

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