Scary Facts about Your Teeth That You Need to Know

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Some may consider these scary but some of these facts are just plainly weird.

1. You think braces where the first ones to be invented to decorate the teeth? Think again. In the ancient times, the civilization who predicted the end of the world, took dental fashion to higher level. The Mayans started to put jewels on their teeth or carve out some shapes, turning out to be so detailed that one will be amazed at how the civilization adopted to the fashion trend. And the males usually show them off, sometimes to show that they can afford such elaborate design. It just proves that although they predicted some events wrongly as they made their teeth the first to venture out into jewelry.

2. Tooth fairies exist; more like the European contemporary called the Magic Mouse. Yes, our thoughts about the tooth fairy are sometimes true. In Spain, a tooth fairy is not a woman with wings, but a mouse. Children in Spain put water beside the tooth instead of putting the tooth under the pillows, thinking that the mouse is thirsty. Very thoughtful right? Maybe we should be good to our little friends at home they might give us a penny when we sleep.

3. There were no dentists. In the early times, they were called blacksmiths and barbers. It is rather scary to have blacksmiths pound hammer inside our mouth to take out a tooth or two, but they had no choice: a tooth ache is a tooth ache. People should be glad dentists exist today to help us with our teeth. You might want to check out for a wide range of dental treatments available.

4. Talking about dental hygiene, your tooth brush may not be really clean at all. Hearing from dentists that tooth brushes must be replaced every 3 months as a minimum and 6 months as a maximum is quite expensive, but we do not want germs inside our mouth, right? And some of us just forget what date we bought the tooth brush and just simply continue using them. Think about the germs you put into your mouth to clean – it is just so disgusting.

5. Brushing alone is not enough. Right after eating, our mouth excretes more acid in our saliva. It is highly recommended to rinse or gargle with water to avoid excess acid. Excess acid means high risks to damaged teeth.

6. Synthetic tooth is not necessarily clean. China is advance in many things, and one of them is to produce synthetic products. Growing synthetic teeth from a stem cell is a process that needs thorough examination and experimentation; and because stem cells are hard to get hold of, they use human urine. Yes, it is disgusting and rather weird, so it is best not to resort to synthetic tooth.

In the end, it is best to take care of your white pearls. Take some notes on what the dentists would say and relieve yourself from the scary nightmares of having germs within your mouth, or having to replace real tooth with a synthetic one.

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