Swimmers And Chiropractic Work

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the sport of swimming. The Olympic Games really served to popularize swimming among younger generations. It helped to establish it as a popular alternative to some of the better-known options out there. Websites, such as chiropractor Wichita, have also become popular among the swimmer crowd, and for good reason.

High divers run the biggest risk of sustaining injuries within the sport of swimming. They are required to conduct acrobatic moves while suspended in the air. Their twists and turns require them to be limber and flexible. If they do not stretch their back muscles the right way, then they leave themselves open to higher occurrences of injury. In addition to the twisting motions that require a chiropractor’s help, they also must be able to steer clear of the diving board. During a competition, some divers strike their back or neck on the board, thus requiring them to receive immediate medical attention.

However, it is not always the pro swimmers that need chiropractors. Poolside accidents often have the potential to hurt someone’s back. There is a reason why public pools have “no running” signs posted along the sides. Wet surfaces create a recipe for disaster, and a greater likelihood, of back injuries. Aside from slipping by running, awkward underwater turns during races can lead to back strains. What is really frustrating is that once the strains do occur, they are hard to recover from at times. You must stay dedicated to getting well before returning to the pool.

In addition to the injuries which occur, chiropractic practices actually help swimmers to become better athletes. Increased flexibility in the back, arms, chest, and legs, serves to help people to become very versatile in the pool. Chiropractors who work with swimmers by aligning their spines report far less frequent muscle strains. The swimmers are able to improve on their lap times as well. Becoming more flexible enables you to spend less time stretching before matches, and it helps you to prevent back injuries and spasms before they have a chance to take place.

Certain strokes, such as the butterfly and breast strokes, were made popular by olympic U.S. swimmer, Michael Phelps. However, in order to perform them correctly, you must have the technique down perfectly. Stretching is of course important, but it also pays off to heed the advice of your chiropractor once a swimming match is done. Take care to sleep on various sides of your body to prevent muscle tightness in your back and neck. Swimming is a great activity, and chiropractors are here to help you stick with it.

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